Autograph Letter Signed to Roake & Varty, booksellers, printers, stationers (BBTI), York House, Strand, London.

[Roake & Varty] A.B. Lechmere, Gent.
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The Rhyd, Worcester, 24 May 1832.
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ADD "York House" to BBTI. And "Publisher. And Worcester bookseller. Four pages, minor defects, text complete and clear. He requests his account for "Stationery & Consitutional Tracts" and asks how much "it would cost to purchase the whole of the Tracts published by you from the commencement of the Debates of the momentous Reform Question to the present hour, to place in one's Library for the inspection of posterity." He rails agaoinst the "wicked and unprincipled Ministry and the King who is "regardless of the complicate interests of this once great Empire-". He slights Wellington, and considers it "a gloomy prospect for Ministers of the Established Religion". He volunteers his services in the local sale of their "Tracts & Scripture Prints". He has already advertised them in the provincial press. In a postscript he praises his local bookseller "Mr Thomas Stratford Cross, Worcester" [is this Mr Thomas of. . .?] adding that the latter is librarian to the SPCK.