Autograph Letter Signed "Wm Geo. Skyring" to John Ince of the Royal Navy, of Crooms Hill, Greenwich

William George Skyring, Naval Officer and surveyor, Captain of HM Surveying VesselS Aetna
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H.M. Surveying Vessel Aetna, 9 Oct. 1833.
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One page, folio, some tears on fold marks, other minor defects, text clear and complete. "I beg you to let me know by return of Post [phrase underlined] whther you desire to join the Aetna - I heard from Captn. Beaufort this morning that you do - but you have acted with so much indecision that I scarcely know whether to apply or not until more fully assured - For your Mothers sake alone I am perfctly willing to wait an answer - and if you are prepared to join - send me - / Your name at length / Date of original Entry in the Service / Name of last Ship / Rating on her. / Date and cause of Discharge . . ." [Internet site] Skyring "was a member of the first expedition to survey the region of Tierra del Fuego under the command of Captain Phillip Parker King, R.N. The two ships in the expedition were the 'Beagle' and the 'Adventurer' and Skyring commanded the Beagle for a time after Stokes, the Captain committed suicide. Eventually Lieutenant Fitzroy was given the command, and it was he, who apparently, helped to interest Charles Darwin in taking part in the second expedition. He named a large sound in the area 'Skyring Water'. By this time, Skyring (by now a Naval Captain) was doing a marine survey of the West Coast of Africa, where he was killed by natives in 1833."