Autograph Letter, incomplete, no signature page, to an unknown correspondent.

[Alaric Watts]
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351 Strand, Saturday, no date.
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Four pages, 8vo, creased and somewhat soiled, small closed tears, soiled, remnants of laying down, mainly good. An interesting but puzzling letter (partly because incomplete). "I thank you for your note. I should have called yesterday had I not known from experience that Todays & Saturdays are busy days [for periodical publishers?]. I will do so on Monday. / The 'Spottiswoode Gang" charge me with [exposing?] their Coryphaeus in your journal. When I do take him in hand it shall be to some purpose. So even as the V.C. [?] unmuzzled we [?] I shall favor him with a pamphlet & [some 6l?] pages intitled 'A Letter to Andrew Spottiswoode Esq. from Alaric A. Watts One of his many Partners in business in which I shall expose to the fullest extent his nefarious conduct to me and others. He has three lives insured for Ten Thousand each, and alike he has not a farthing [ or so?] he has & a great [so?] interest in my life that he insures it for £10,000!! In [enumerated?] some of his binder {?] looke the greater part. He is [list form] Printer Type /Founder/Printing Ink Manufacturer/ Printing Press Manufacturer/Coal Merchant/Wine Merchant/ Print Seller/Loan stock Banker/Bill Discounter/Farmer & Grazier/Gas Manufacturer."