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[The Royal Aid in Bristol, 1666.] Mayors of Bristol: John Willougby of the Society of Merchant Venturers; Walter Sandby; Sir John Knight; John Lawford

[The Royal Aid in Bristol, 1666.] Two Manuscript Assessments of 'three moneths Royall Aide mony' (land and goods) for 58 individuals, each signed by four mayors of Bristol: John Willougby, Walter Sandby, Sir John Knight and John Lawford.

Ainsworth's 'Thesaurus' (1752) neatly defines 'The Royal Aid, or subsidy money' as 'tributum quod regi ex plebiscito in sumptus belli, &c. praestatur'. It was a one-off household tax, set by assessors and collected locally. (For further information see M. J. Braddick's 2013 paper 'Resistance...

Caroline of Ansbach [Princess Caroline of Brandenburg-Ansbach] (1683-1737), Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, and Electress of Hanover, Consort of George II [Sir William Strickland (1686-1735)]

[Caroline of Ansbach, signing as Regent ('Guardian of the Kingdom') to her husband King George II.] Autograph Signature ('Carolina R. C. R.', i.e. 'Regina Custos Regni') to warrant, also signed by Sir William Strickland, Secretary at War.

The Oxford DNB explains the context of the document: 'During his four absences in Hanover in 1729, 1732, 1735, and 1736–7 [George II] left her as regent entrusted with “all domestic matters”. Foreign affairs were dealt with by the king and the secretaries of state, one of whom accompanied him to...

W. H. Davies [William Henry Davies] (1871-1940), Welsh poet and author of 'Autobiography of a Super-Tramp' [Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright]

[W. H. Davies, Welsh poet, author of 'Autobiography of a Super-Tramp'.] Four Typed Letters Signed, encouraging the writing of 'Mr Harris', i.e. Christopher Fry. With Fry's copy of Davies's 'Ambition and Other Poems' and poem in Fry's autograph.

The letters are in fair condition, lightly aged and worn, except for the third, which is damp-stained with closed tears at head and foot. The book is in fair condition, without dust wrapper. All four letters are signed 'W. H. Davies.' The first three are addressed to 'Mr Harris', and the last (...

Judge Jeffreys [George Jeffreys, 1st Baron Jeffreys of Wem] (1645-1689), byword for cruelty as a result of his handling of the Bloody Assizes following Monmouth's Rebellion

[Judge Jeffreys, Monmouth's Rebellion and the Bloody Assizes.] Printed handbill, titled: 'The Charge given by the Ld. Ch. Justice Jefferies, at the City of Bristol, Monday, September 21. 1685. In his Return from his Western Campaigne.'

ESTC R1431. 4pp, folio. Bifolium. Paginated 1-4. Aged and worn, with text clear and entire. Drophead title reads: 'THE | CHARGE | GIVEN BY THE | Ld. Ch. Justice Jefferies, | AT THE | CITY of BRISTOL, | Monday, September 21. 1685. | In his Return from his Western Campaigne.' Jeffreys is a byword...

Judge Jeffreys [George Jeffreys, 1st Baron Jeffreys of Wem] (1645-1689), byword for cruelty for his handling of the Bloody Assizes after Monmouth's Rebellion [William of Orange; Glorious Revolution]

[Judge Jeffreys, William of Orange and the Glorious Revolution, 1688.] Printed handbill: 'The Lord Chancellor's Petition to His Highness the Prince of Orange, On His Entrance into London.'

ESTC R21335, which states: 'Attributed to George Jeffreys. Cf. BM.' 1p, folio. Aged and worn, with fraying to edges, but with text clear and entire. At top right, in pencil, in an eighteenth-century hand, 'Dupl' (i.e. duplicate). The heading reads: 'THE | Lord Chancellor's | PETITION | To His...

Harriet Martineau (1802-1876), writer and journalist, Whig social theorist and campaigner for women's rights, considered 'the first female sociologist' [Lady Ann Cullum (1807-1875) of Hardwick House]

[Harriet Martineau, 'the first female sociologist'.] Unpublished Signed Autograph humorous poem beginning 'What terrible confusion | Ladies make on points Malthusian', with note to Lady Cullum joking that it will be dedicated 'to the Lord Chancellor'

An amusing unpublished jeux d'esprit by Martineau, revealing a lighthearted aspect of her character. 1p, 16mo. Bifolium, addressed by Martineau on reverse of second leaf 'To | Lady Cullum.' In good condition, lightly aged. Folded once. Neatly written out, and covering the main part of the page...

Sir Richard Owen (1804-1892), palaeontologist, first Director of Natural History Museum, opponent of the theory of evolution [Samuel Birch (1813-1885), Egyptologist; Lady Ann Cullum of Hardwick House]

[Sir Richard Owen, palaeontologist.] Autograph Letter Signed to Lady Cullum, enclosing a long translation by Samuel Birch of inscriptions on an Egyptian statue in the British Museum, annotated by Owen and with transcription of letter to him by Birch.

An interesting item in the field of Victorian Egyptology. The subject is what Owen describes here as 'one of the oldest Statues of an Egyptian Notable in the British Museum'. Its current Museum Number is EA103, and it has been in the Museum since 1835, but the details of its acquisition are...

George Canning, British Prime Minister; John Richardson, Student of the University of Oxford [Chancellor's Medal for Latin verse]

[George Canning, Prime Minister; John Richardson of Oxford University.] Manuscript copies of poems which won Chancellor's Medal for Latin verse: Canning's 'Iter ad Meccam [Journey to Mecca]'; Richardson's 'Maria Scotorum Regina [Mary Queen of Scots]'

Manuscripts in a contemporary hand of two poems which won the University of Oxford Chancellor's Prize for Latin Verse, neither of them published. In 1789, Canning, as a Christ Church undergraduate, won the prize for the second of the two, 'Iter ad Meccam Religionis causa susceptum'; and in 1792...

Cecil Wilson (1860-1941), Anglican cleric and county cricketer (Kent), third Bishop of Melanesia and second Bishop of Bunbury, Western Australia

[Cecil Wilson, Bishop of Melanesia.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Cecil Wilson, | Bishop'), for publication, 'to the Editor of the Tonbridgian', concerning 'our work in Melanesia'.

5pp, 8vo. On bifolium and single leaf of thin ruled paper. In fair condition, on lightly aged and discoloured paper. Closely written, in a not-entirely legible hand, with the first page having the underlined heading: 'to the Editor of the Tonbridgian'. (The Tonbridgian was the magazine of...

[Guglielmo Marconi [Marquis of Marconi] (1874-1937), inventor of radio, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics; his second wife Maria Cristina Bezzi-Scali, their daughter Elettra Giovanelli

[Guglielmo Marconi, inventor of radio: family correspondence.] 40 items to governess Millicent Goodsir ('Miss Unger') from Marconi's second wife Cristina [née Bezzi Scali], her mother and daughter: letters and cards in English, inscribed photographs.

Forty items, in good condition, lightly aged and worn, with some of the photographs with evidence on reverse of having been mounted. Millicent Goodsir [née Unger] (1885-1983) was governess to Christina Bezzi Scali (1900-1994), daughter of Francesco, Count Bezzi Scali and his wife Anna (1879-1968...