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Stafford H. Northcote [Stafford Henry Northcote, 1st Earl of Iddesleigh (1818 – 1887), Conservative politician, Chancellor of the Exchequer 1874 and 1880]., Later Governor-General of Australia

[Stafford H. Northcote, as Chancellor of the Exchequer] Sixteen (16) Autograph Letter Signed Stafford H. Northcote to Kempe, his Private Secretary (John Arrow Kempe) about Budgets, trade, taxation, Finance. WITH: Notes for Kempe and drafts.

Sixteen Autograph Letters Signed, total 45pp., 12mo, some bifoliums, good condition. He usually asks for research into issues, national and international that were subject to Parliamentary discussion at the time. Subjects include: tax involving brewers; falling off on Customs; income tax; Post...

Economics £1,800.00
W. Harrison Ainsworth [William Harrison Ainsworth (1805 ? 1882), historical novelist ]

[W. Harrison Ainsworth] Autograph Note Signed W.Harrison Ainsworth to Smith, offering a share of a box of woodcocks he's been given.

One page, 12mo, bifolium (separating), some staining not obscuring text, text clear and complete. I hve just received a box of woodcocks from my friend Coll. Levinge from KnockdrinCastle - And I beg your acceptance of a couple. [Line interpolated later: They are sent by parcel delivery]. See...

Literature £38.00 Ainsworth
[Annie Besant; Bloomsbury Group]

[Annie Besant; Bloomsbury Group; Periodical; One issue of United India, vol.II, No. 26

Paginated [387]-402, fold marks, small rust marks from staples, punch-hole. From the papers formerly held at the headquarters of the National Indian Association and the Northbrook Society, 21 Cromwell Road, later by its former Warden, Roland Knaster. BUT stamped 1917-CLUB, a club founded by...

History £250.00
N.C. Daruwalla

[N.C. Daruwalla; booklet] Bombay as an Educational Centre

Small booklet, 24pp., 16mo, small wormhole, through blank space of text, , rust around staple, punch-hole slightly affecting the text characteristic of material from the papers formerly held at the headquarters of the National Indian Association and the Northbrook Society, 21 Cromwell Road,...

History £45.00 bombay
[Periodical; India] Editor: Josephine Ransom [Australian Theosophist and writer, see Wikipedia]

[Periodical; India] Single issue of Britain and India. A Monthly Magazine, vol.1, no.4 (April 1920).

Wraps, paginated [i]-ii;105-144; iii-[iv] inc.wraps, mainly good condition, but rusty round staples, one punch-hole (with minor loss of text) characteristic of material from the papers formerly held at the headquarters of the National Indian Association and the Northbrook Society, 21 Cromwell...

History, Women £100.00 Besant
Charles Canning, 1st Earl Canning (1812 -1862), as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, statesman and Governor-General of India during the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

[Earl Canning; The Great Game] Autograph Note Signed Canning to Lord Fitzgerald, presumably William Vesey-FitzGerald, Baron FitzGerald, as President of the Board of Control (see note), concerning the despatches of Col. Stoddard, British agent.

ANS, one page, 12mo, fold marks, one edge rough, some faint staining, text clear and complete. Dear Lord Fitzgerald | I send you Col Stoddart's last Despatches, & his letters to Ld Palmerston. | As most of them are the original papers will you return them as soon as read. See image. Note: A...

History £230.00 Great Game
Francois D'Orleans, Prince de Joinville (1818-1900), Son of Louis Philippe.

[Francois D'Orleans, Prince de Joinville] Autograph Letter Signed Fr. d'Orleans | Prince de Joinville to unnamed correspondent (Monsieur), concerning his correspondent's dogs and a meeting (foxhunting presumably). In French

Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, remnants of the paper it was laid down on on page 4. He looks forward to seeing his correspondent and his dogs at Fetcham [home of the Surrey Union Hunt kennels]. He'd like to know where nous elevons mettre le meet [word underlined]. He talks about the pack of 12...

French £60.00 d'Orleans
Garret A. Hobart [Garret Augustus Hobart (1844 – 1899), 24th vice president of the United States].

[Garret Hobart, Vice-President USA] Business Card signed Yours very sincerely | Garret A. Hobart | Vice President | May 21/98

Business Card, 10 x 6cms, sl. smudged, text clear and bold. Text as above on one side (see image), on the other is printed The Vice President. One website claims the signature is scarce.

Travel and Topography £230.00 Hobart
Hugh Gaitskell (1906-1963), sometime leader of the Labour Party.

[Hugh Gaitskell, Labour politician] Typed Note Signed boldly Hugh Gaitskell to M.B. Bradshaw, Director, Art Exhibitions Bureau [...] permitting the exhibition of the Road to Tarbet, presumably a picture in Gaitskell's private collection.

One page, 12mo, very good condition. He gives permission for 'Road to Tarbet' to be exhibited at Scarborough and Hull, on the understanding that you will take full responsibility for returning it to me in London when the Hull Exhibition ends.

Art and Architecture, History £45.00
Stafford H. Northcote, Chancellor of the Exchequer 1874-1880.

[Stafford Northcote; Disraeli; Suez Canal] Autograph Note Initialled SHN [Stafford H. Northcote] to his Private Secretary, John Arrow Kempe about a high level meeting to discuss the 'Suez Canal purchase'.

One page, 12mo, bifolium, second leaf laid down on slightly larger paper, good condition. Text: We are to have a meeting at Mr. Disraeli's house at 2.30 tomorrow, at which Lord Derby, Cave and Stokes are to be. | Would you write a civil note to Sir Erskine Perry to tell him that some pressing...

History £95.00