Typed Note Initialled J.J. to L.E. Berman. With original envelope.

John Johnson, Printer to the University of Oxford, founder of the Johnson Collection.
John Johnson, Printer to the University of Oxford
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[Headed] University Press Oxford, 6 March 1945.
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One page, 8vo, fold marks, good condition. No doubt our London House has told you that they are ordering a copy of SHAKESPEARE AND THE ACTORS for you.~35~SHAKESPEARE OUP OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS THEATRE AUTOGRAPH~ ~0~BT MSS 1~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 9764~16/09/2010~False~John Sparrow, Warden of All Souls, Bookman~Autograph Postcard SignedJ. to John Carter, c/o Sotheby's, Bookman.~Venezia, 24 Oct. 1971.~Good condition. My review of Maas - of which I was not particularly fond, but which has the merit (?) of raising the issue of the Jackson correspondence, and of quoting (for the first time in print?) the bit about blacking his boots - appeared in The Sunday Telegraph [title underlined] of Sept. 19th. Owing to the printers' strike, only the foreign edition of that issue was printed, so you may not have seen it. If you would like a copy, I can send you one. | I dash back to Oxford . . . Venice is superb in tthis season, apart from the DOGS (see The Times [underlined], Oct. 14th).