[ Isaac Foot, Liberal Party politician, on the Liberal collapse at the 1924 General Election: 'I don't know how it all happened.'. ] Autograph Letter Signed to neighbouring MP Sir Courtenay Mansel, discussing the loss of both their seats.

Isaac Foot (1880-1960), Liberal Party politician, barrister, father of Michael Foot, leader of the Labour Party [ Sir Courtenay Cecil Mansel (1880-1933), Welsh politician ]
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1 Lipson Terrace, Plymouth. 18 November 1924.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. An interesting and characteristically good-humoured letter, written in the aftermath of the General Election of 1924, at which the Liberal Party was decimated, with both Foot and Mansel losing their seats. (Foot had been MP for Bodmin since 1922, and Mansel had been elected MP for nearby Penryn and Falmouth at the general election of 1923.) The election (the third in two years) had been held little more than a week before, on 29 October 1924, as a result of a Common's defeat of Ramsay MacDonald's Labour minority government.

[ Lord Curzon analyses the result of the 1924 General Election, the decline of Liberalism and the 'menace' of Socialism. ] Three Typed Letters Signed (all 'Curzon') to Sir Courtenay Mansel, on Liberalism, Socialism, Lloyd George and Winston Churchill

Lord Curzon [ George Nathaniel Curzon, 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston ] (1859-1925), Conservative statesman, Viceroy of India, 1899-1905 [ Sir Courtenay Cecil Mansel (1880-1933), Welsh politician ]
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All on House of Commons letterhead. 7 November 1924; 12 March 1926 ('Dictated 12th'); 22 June 1928 ('Dictated 21st')

Three excellent letters, highly revealing of Curzon's political position in the 1920s. The first, in the aftermath of the 1924 General Election, discussing at length the decline of Liberalism and the 'menace' of Socialism; the second regarding Lloyd George's 'land swindle' and the 'crushing blow' it has dealt the Liberal Party; the third explaining the reason for the impossibility of the Chancellor of the Exchequer Winston Churchill supporting Mansel (by now a Conservative) at the hustings in the 1928 Carmarthen by-election.

[ HM Airship R100. ] Printed 'Contract For the Construction of a Rigid Airship', between the Airship Guarantee Company Limited and the President of the Air Council. With section deleted and replaced with typed passage.

HM Airship R100 [ The Airship Guarantee Company Limited, London; The Air Council; Charles Reginald Brigstocke, Director of Contracts Air Ministry; Vickers Ltd]
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"50 cop[ie]s" [no other copy traced [ The Airship Guarantee Company Limited, London; the Air Council; the Air Ministry. ] Printed in London by Duiprose, Bateman & Co., Courts Press, Sheffield Street, Kingsway, W.C.2. Dated 22nd October 1924.

The R100 had not been named at the time of this item, and is consequently not referred to by name in it. It was built (as part of a British government programme to develop airships to provide passenger and mail transport within the British Empire) by the Airship Guarantee Company, a specially-created subsidiary of the armaments firm Vickers, led by Commander Dennis Burney, with the design team headed by Barnes Wallis, later famous for his invention of the bouncing bomb, with Neville Shute. 41pp., 8vo.

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