[ Angler and Flyfisherman, Austin Ridsdale of Mickley and Masham, Yorkshire; Manuscript. ] Autograph Notebook, filled with seasonal directions for making Wet Flies for Fishing (some invented by Ridsdale himself), with diagrams and illustrations.

Austin Ridsdale [ Austin Cuthbert Ridsdale ] (d.1983) of Mickley and Aldburgh, Masham, near Ripon, Yorkshire, angler and fly-fisherman
Publication details: 
Contained in a 'Boots Home Diary and Ladies' Note Book' for 1931. [ 1930s to circa 1950s. ]

Entries are written haphazardly at different times, on around 140pp. of a 12mo Boots 'Home Diary for 1931'. The volume is worn and shaken: a clear testimony to many years of field use. At the start the owner is named as 'Austin Ridsdale' of 'Mickley Ripon, Yorks'. This would appear to be an early address. A loosely-inserted envelope with a 1947 postmark is addressed to 'Mr & Mrs A Ridsdale | Aldburgh | Masham | Ripon'. The handwriting, workmanlike at best, varies from entry to entry. The volume constitutes a repository of a countryman's knowledge in the field of fly-fishing.

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