[A White Russian émigré in South America.] Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Friederici: six long letters home from Bolivia and Columbia, to his mother Grand Duchess Elisabetta, wife of Prince Andrei Alexandrovitch, and sister 'Betty'.

Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Friederici (1908-1992), son of Elsa Ruffo-Sasso, Grand Duchess of Russia and her first husband Major General Alexander Alexandrovitch Friederici [Colombia, South America]
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Autograph Letter Signed to his mother: 11 January 1934; La Paz, Bolivia. Five Typed Letters Signed to his sister: between 30 December 1957 and 22 December 1963. All from La Salada [Colombia].

The six letters in good condition, lightly aged. The author of these letters, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Friederici (1908-1992), was the son of Elsa Ruffo-Sasso [Elisabetta Fabrizievna Ruffo (1886-1940), Grand Duchess of Russia, and her first husband Major General Alexander Alexandrovitch Friederici. The Grand Duchess's second husband, Friederici's step-father Prince Andrei Alexandrovich (1897-1981), was the eldest nephew of the last Czar Nicholas II, and Friederici's half-brother Prince Andrew Andreevich (b. 1923) is the current head of the Romanov family.

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