[Alfred Deakin, Prime Minister of Australia] Substantial Autograph Letter Signed Alfred Deakin to Mr. Meredith [George Meredith, English novelist and poet] praising an Ode of his and subjecting his work to literary criticism and praise.

Alfred Deakin, Prime Minister of Australia (the second, and three time).
Publication details: 
[Headed] Insignia; Commonwealth of Australia | Prime Minister, 3 August 1908.

Four pages, 12mo, closely written, bifolium, very good condition. In part a difficult hand. Very honoured am I to receive a letter in your own hand - but [with visitings?] of compunction that this should have meant such a trespass on your pen. And the Ode! a true call to arms in a manly mood that is urgent for many here & with you - I hope to have its aid when speaking to the Australian Natives (i.e. natives sof the soil) Association next week. It should stir them like a trumpet, as your Italian ode must have pulsed through the veterans who heard it a few months ago.

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