[The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.] Sturdy brown suitcase belonging to an anti-nuclear protester, containing numerous pamphlets, stickers, a traffic lamp from Greenham Common Air Force base, and other material.

[The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament [1981; Greenham Common RAF base; Protect and Survive]
Publication details: 
Twelve pamphlets from 1980 and 1981, one from 1977, and two from 1979. With another item from 1988.

A powerful and evocative artefact, and a decided museum piece, mainly centring on the year 1980 and 1981, significant years in the movement's history, with a quarter of a million people marched through central London in support of CND in 1981. The collection includes a copy of the 1980 government pamphlet 'Protect and Survive', and E. P. Thompson's celebrated riposte of the same year, 'Protest and Survive'. The collection is in fair condition, with signs of age and wear which enhance rather than detract from its impact.

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