Mimeographed typed 'SECRET' Royal Navy First World War intelligence document by 'Hugh Miller | Paymaster | "Arethusa"' [later a Rear-Admiral], titled 'Information obtained from a German officer. Action at Heligoland' [Battle of Heligoland Bight].

Rear-Admiral Hugh Miller (1880-1972), Royal Navy [First Battle of Heligoland Bight, 28 August 1914]
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Headed 'H.F.0022'. Dated from '"ARETHUSA" | 27th November, 1914.'

3pp., foolscap 8vo. Mimeographed in purple on three leaves. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with marks at head and in left-hand margin of each leaf from rusted pin. The first leaf stamped 'SECRET' in blue ink in top left-hand corner.

Facts relating to the trial, which took place in the Court of King's Bench, 23rd of February, 1816, in which Mr. John Walker Anderson was plaintiff, and Lieut.-Col. Sir Wm. Hamilton, (late Lieutenant-Governor of Heligoland,) was defendant.

[Sir William Osborne Hamilton, Lieutenant-Governor of Heligoland]
Publication details: 
London: Printed by J. Brettell, Rupert Street, Haymarket. 1816.

Octavo: 16 pp. Stitched and unbound. In original brown printed wraps. Dogeared, and on slightly discoloured paper. Wraps creased and worn. According to a prefatory note by Hamilton (dated 'London, May 28th, 1816'), a 'Statement of Facts, relative to the Trial which took place in the Court of King's Bench, on the 23rd of February last, (in which Mr. John Walker Anderson, the Plaintiff, obtained a Verdict of £2000 Damages for false Imprisonment, whilst in Heligoland, against Lieutenant-Colonel Sir William Hamilton, late Lieutenant-Governor of that Island, the Defendant'.

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