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[Frederick Burnaby, British traveller and national hero.] Engraving by Elizabeth Adela Forbes, of a drawing of Burnaby by Mary Blanchard Reed, signed by both women ('Mary B Reed' and 'Elizabeth A. Armstrong').

Frederick Burnaby [Frederick Gustavus Burnaby] (1842-1885), soldier, traveller and balloonist; Elizabeth Adela Forbes [née Armstrong] (1859-1912), Canadian artist; Mary Blanchard Reed; Sidney Redrup
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'London Published July 8th. 1885 by Sidney Redrup. 175. New Bond Street. Copyright Registered.'

See the Oxford DNB entry on Burnaby ('He was commemorated in verse, song, and Staffordshire pottery').

[Frederick Burnaby, adventurer, balloonist, Times war correspondent, British Army intelligence officer.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Fred Burnaby'), requesting that 'Edward' accept an article by a female mountaineer, and referring to Randolph Churchill

Frederick Burnaby [Colonel Frederick Gustavus Burnaby] (1842-1885), adventurer, balloonist, Times war correspondent, British Army intelligence officer [Randolph Churchill]
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15 October 1884. On letterhead of the Grand Hotel, Birmingham.

Burnaby is the beau idéal of the Victorian military adventurer. 2pp, 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased. Folded twice. A hurried letter, with a couple of deletions. Written a few months before Burnaby's death. He explains that a 'mutual friend' has asked him 'to submit to you the enclosed article – on mountaineering – She does not wish her name to be mentioned – hence I must not divulge it.' Should the article not be wanted he asks for it to be returned to him at Somerby Hall, Oakham, 'in the course of the next two or three days'.

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