[ A Royal Navy officer in China during the Second Opium War. ] Four Autograph Letters Signed from Sub.-Lieut George Tate Medd to his family, describing incidents while serving on HMS Hornet. With ten drawings by Medd of Chinese heads.

George Tate Medd (1837-1907), Royal Navy officer, later Vicar of Whitchurch [ The Second Opium War, 1856-1860; Second China War; Arrow War; HMS Hornet ]
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The four letters sent from China. The first from 18 July (Hong Kong) to 2 August ('Anchored off Shanghae') 1857. The other three from Canton: 4 and 18 May, and 3 July 1858.

Although not yet twenty at the time of writing, Medd was already an experienced sailor, having enlisted at the age of twelve, and seen service in the Crimean War. The four letters present here are vivid, well-written, and informative. (Medd had been educated at Dr Burney's school at Gosport, and had had a letter on the Crimean War published in the Stockport Advertiser.) Medd describes the background to the letters as follows (in Item Two below): 'I served in HM Steam sloop “Hornet” in China from July 1857 to July 1859. And was at the storming and taking of Canton city December 29th.

Autograph Note Signed to unnamed male correspondent.

Sir John Bowring
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2 Wellington Street; 4 December 1830.

Linguist, writer and traveller (1792-1872). One page, octavo. Lightly creased and with a few closed tears. Reverse adhering to page from autograph album. Reads 'My dear Sir | Herewith the promised letters - | Yours most truly | John Bowring'. Docketed on reverse.

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