[Charles Causley, Cornish poet.] Two Letters (one in Autograph) and Two Autograph Cards (three signed 'Charles' and one 'Charles Causley') to the playwright Christopher Fry, with two Autograph Letters Signed from Causley's secretary Michael Hanke.

Charles Causley [Charles Stanley Causley] (1917-2003), Cornish poet and author [Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright; Michael Hanke]
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All six items from Launceston, Cornwall. Between 1979 and 1990.

Six items: four from Causley (one ALS, one TLS, two ACsS) and two from Hanke (ALsS). The collection in good condition. ONE: ACS from Causley. Signed 'Charles Causley'. Launceston; 31 August 1979. He is delighted that Fry 'thought of using the poem in your reading, & hope you went ahead'. He has been 'almost 2 months in Y'slavia & Czechoslovakia'. He is 'always 5 years behind with commitments & the WC Writers' beanos almost always coincide with fearful attack of conscience. The next three items signed 'Charles'. TWO: TLS from Causley. On his Launceston letterhead; 5 August 1986.

[Charles Causley, Cornish poet.] Three Typed Letters Signed (all 'Charles Causley') to Ian McPherson, discussing proposed readings, and the difficulty of fitting in 'teaching and writing comitments with other activities'.

Charles Causley [Charles Stanley Causley] (1917-2003), Cornish poet [Ian McPherson]
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All three on Causley's letterhead, 2 Cyprus Well, Launceston, Cornwall. 9 December 1974; 20 July 1975; 2 December 1976.

All three 1p, landscape 12mo. All in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: 9 December 1974. He thanks him for 'the invitation […] But as I'm teaching full-time here now, this would be very difficult to arrange as far as schools visits would be concerned. (I asked the Arts Council to take my name off the schools list, but they don't seem to have done so).' He suggests a 'reading during the holiday break, perhaps. One aimed principally at adults, I mean.' The 'London Poetry Secretariat/Arts Council link-up' might 'provide some kind of subsidy'.

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