[Camilla Parker-Bowles, now Duchess of Cornwall: personal reminiscences of John Phillips.] Privately-printed pamphlet: 'Camilla Story', with facsimiles of five letters from her, and accounts of two meetings, with her negative view of Cherie Blair..

John Phillips (1926-2017), flâneur and executor of Violet Trefusis (1894-1972; née Keppel), English socialite and author, lover of Vita Sackville-West [Camilla Parker-Bowles, now Duchess of Cornwall]
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[Phuket, Thailand.] 2013.

After a twelve-year 'amitié amoureuse' with Phillips, Violet Trefusis (a relation of Camilla Parker-Bowles, both being members of the Keppel family) died in 1972, appointing him her literary executor and leaving him her last home, La Tour de Saint Loup. The present item – no other copy of which has been traced – is from a collection of Phillips's papers amassed by his friend Barbara Reed, containing pamphlets privately printed by him between 2009 and 2014.

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