[Earl Grey and the Australian Constitutions Act 1850.] Privately-circulated printed transcript of the dispatch of Earl Grey to Sir Charles Augustus Fitzroy, Governor of New South Wales, dated 30 August 1850, explaining the details of the act.

Earl Grey [Henry George Grey, 3rd Earl Grey (1802-1894)] [Sir Frederick Peel (1823-1906), Liberal Liberal MP]
Publication details: 
No printer or date. [London: HMSO, circa 1850.] Letter dated 'Downing Street, | August 30, 1850.'

No other copy of the present document, which was privately printed by Her Majesty's Stationery Office for Grey, as Secretary of State for War and the Colonies, has been discovered. It certainly pre-dates the first publication of the dispatch in 1851. The dispatch is of high significance, being Grey's own explanation of the 'details' of a highly-significant 'measure' in the history of the Australian constitution. [12]pp, foolscap 8vo.

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