Autograph Journal of Johanna Maria Barrow, daughter of Sir John Barrow of Ulverston, describing her courtship by the soldier and artist Captain Robert Batty.

Johanna Maria Batty (1800-1886), wife of the English army officer and artist Lieut-Col. Robert Batty (1789-1848), and daughter of Sir John Barrow (1764-1848)
Publication details: 
[Darley Dale and Dovedale, Derbyshire.] 31 July to 1821 and succeeding days.

9pp., 12mo. In makeshift unbound pamphlet, made up of six bifoliums pinned together. In good condition, on aged and lightly-worn paper. While short, the account is vivid, its first-person account of a whirlwind Regency romance evoking the inevitable comparison with Jane Austen. Written with the long s, the journal begins: 'On Monday July 31st.

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