[Ancient Egypt; Leslie H. Fox (as 'Leon Rea' and 'Alan Quatermain').] Typescript, with autograph emendations, of 'The Forgotten Incarnation. A Novel of Romance', an unpublished work on the theme of reincarnation, set in Ancient Egypt and London.

Leslie H. Fox ('Leon Rea', 'Alan Quatermain'), English author [The Alliance Press, London; Ancient Egypt; reincarnation]
Publication details: 
Apex Literary Agency, 293 Grays Inn Road, W.C.1. [London]. Fox's addresses: 30 Cedar Road, Cricklewood; 8 Avenue Mansions, Finchley Road. No date [circa 1943 or 1944].

[3] + 222pp. With additional page carrying two figures to be inserted in the text (the first a 'Bezel', the second two cartouches). Each page on the recto of a separate leaf. Autograph emendations throughout, including additional text on reverse of one leaf. Housed in grey-card punch-hold binder. The typescript and leaf of illustrations are in good condition, on lightly aged thick paper, the three pages of prelims are on creased and worn thin paper; the binding is heavily worn. Typed label on cover (pasted over other labels) from 'Apex Literary Agency, 293 Grays Inn Road, W.C.1.

[Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.] Black and white cartoon titled 'Touchdown Mickey' (1932), on spool of 9.5mm Pathescope film. In original box.

[Walt Disney; Mickey Mouse; Pathescope, North Circular Road, Cricklewood, London, NW2]
Publication details: 
Pathescope [North Circular Road, Cricklewood, London, NW2]. 'M.30504 TOUCHDOWN MICKEY | FILM PRINTED IN ENGLAND'. [Film originally realeased in 1932.]

In very good condition, on brown spool 16.5 cm (6 1/2 inches) in diameter. In 17.5 cm square cardboard box, with title label on spine reading: 'M.30504 TOUCHDOWN MICKEY | FILM PRINTED IN ENGLAND', and broken blue label: 'GUARANT BAND | PATHESCOPE LTD.' The film was originally released by Disney on 15 October 1932 and runs to 6 mins 25 seconds. Mickey Mouse leads his team Mickey's Manglers to victory over the Alley Cats, as Goofy bungles through as sportscaster.

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