[ John Gibson Cazenove, Scottish theologian. ] Three Autograph Letters Signed (all 'J. G. Cazenove') [to Rev. R. H. Hutchison], describing the pros and cons of Cumbrae Theological College, of which he is Provost.

J. G. Cazenove [ John Gibson Cazenove ] (1821-1896), Scottish theologian, Provost of Cumbrae Theological College, and Chancellor of Edinburgh Cathedral [ Rev. Robert Hutchison of Exeter College ]
Publication details: 
All three letters from 66 Great King Street, Edinburgh [ Scotland ]. 7 and 14 November, and 29 October, 1868.

Three interesting and informative letters regarding a forgotten Scottish institution. Cumbrae Theological College (the College of the Holy Spirit), founded by George Boyle, 6th Earl of Glasgow in 1849 (and later affiliated to the University of Durham), was a seminary for ordination training. It closed in 1888. The recipient of the letter was Rev. Robert Hutchison, later of Exeter College, Oxford, and Winchester College. The three letters total 9pp. They are in good condition, lightly-aged. The letters are in response to an application by Hutchison for the position of assistant tutor.

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