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['Pierre Loti' [Louis Marie-Julien Viaud], French author and naval officer.] Autograph Letter Signed ('P. Loti') to the brother of Frédéric Vernier; with covering letter from Vernier to W. A. Wilson of Belfast.

'Pierre Loti', pseudonym of Louis Marie-Julien Viaud (1850-1923), French author and naval officer [Frédéric Vernier, 'le pasteur de Papeete', Tahiti]
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Loti's letter without place or date. Vernier's letter to Wilson from 3 Brampton Road, Forest Hill; 9 June [1893].

For two months in 1872, during his naval training, Loti 'went native' in Pape'ete, Tahiti, the inspiration for his Polynesian idyll 'Rarahu' (1880, later 'Le Mariage de Loti', and he inspiration for Delibe's 1883 opera 'Lakmé'), whose narrator explains that the name Loti was bestowed on him by the natives. For the Vernier family (also associated with Paul Gaugin), and their contribution of 'a striking missionary succession to the Society Islands' churches under French rule', see John Garrett, 'To Live Among the Stars: Christian Origins in Oceania' (1982).

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