[ Dwarkanath Tagore ] Manuscript biographical study (panegyric even) of Dwarkanath Tagore, presumably secretarial text (two hands), but signed from Dwarky Oct [8]/42

Dwarkanath Tagore [(1794-1846), one of the first Indian industrialists to form an enterprise with British partners and entrepreneurs. He was the grandfather of Rabindranath Tagore].
Publication details: 
No place, [c. [8] Oct. 1842]

Four pages, cr. 8vo, bifolium, fold marks, good condition. Dwarkanath Tagore & his family were the projectors of the Hindoo College and by their exertions & support aided by Sir Edwd Hyde East carried this important institution into full effect even against the wishes of the Government of the day[.] [T]hey continue to support it with liberal subscriptions and by personal attention to the management, to the present day - The School Book Society has in like manner been instituted and supported by D.J. & his family[.][...].

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