[ William Hale Hale, Master of Charterhouse. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('W H Hale') to Major R. S. Macgregor, discussing his 'Specimens of Greek Anthology' and his own position, with reference to Richard Elwyn, Edward Elder and Dean Milman.

W. H. Hale [ William Hale Hale ] (1795-1870), Master of Charterhouse and Archdeacon of London [ Major Robert Guthrie Macgregor (1805-1869); Edward Elder (1812-1858); Richard Elwyn (1827-1897) ]
Publication details: 
Charterhouse [ London ]. 31 October 1855.

3pp.,, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. He acknowledges receipt of Macgregor's 'Specimens of Greek Anthology', of which he has 'already read the greatest part with much pleasure', and has 'felt from the translation the force of the original'. He continues: 'I do not however profess to be a critic of poetry, my thoughts & studies have not been directed that way.' He has 'placed the other copies in the hands of the two chief Schoolmasters, Dr Elder [Edward Elder (1812-1858)] and Mr Elwyn [Richard Elwyn (1827-1897)'.

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