Two engravings of the Commemoration of Handel, Westminster Abbey, 1784: one of the 'View of the Orchestra Organ &c erected [....] under the Direction of Mr. James Wyatt'; the other of Wyatt's 'magnificent Box erected for their Majesties'.

[The Commemoration of George Frideric Handel in Westminster in 1784; James Wyatt; the European Magazine]
Two engravings of the Commemoration of Handel
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From the European Magazine, 1784.
Two engravings of the Commemoration of Handel

Both engravings 8vo. Both by W. & J. Walker, from drawings by J. Dixon. Both impressively detailed, with that of the Royal Box showing crowds of fashionable people in the foreground. Both engravings are clear an complete, but with creasing from folding into the European Magazine. Both a little grubby, an with wear to the margins. The engraving of the organ has a strip of backing along the left-hand margin, and that of the royal box is mounted in a paper windowpane.

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