['Moira O'Neill', pseudonym of Irish poet Agnes Shakespeare Skrine, mother of novelist Molly Keane ('M. J. Farrell').] ALS from her, explaining her reticence; and letters about her background from John Stevenson ('Pat M'Carty') and H. C. Montgomery.

'Moira O'Neill', pseudonym of Agnes Shakespeare Skrine [née Higginson] (1864-1955), Irish poet, mother of Molly Keane [née Mary Nesta Skrine] (1904-1996; 'M. J. Farrell') [John Stevenson of Coolavin]
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Skrine from Wellfield, Ballymore Eustace, Co. Kildare; 12 February 1910. Stevenson from Coolavin, Belfast; 17 February 1910. Montgomery from Central Buildings, 40 Rosemary Street, Belfast; 17 February 1910.

Three excellent letters relating to the reclusive Antrim poet 'Moira O'Neill', mother of the novelist Molly Keane ('M. J. Farrell'): an ALS from the poet herself, explaining her reticence; an ALS from the poet John Stevenson of Coolavin ('Pat M'Carty') regarding the poet and her background, and reporting information received from the antiquary Francis Joseph Biggers and 'Rev. H D Murphy of St. George's'; and a TLS from H. C. Montgomery of Belfast, telling what he knows of the poet and her family. From the papers of Rev.

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