[The Almshouse Charity Estate and the Fifteen Houses Charity Estate, Baldock, Hertfordshire.] Itemised manuscript double-entry account books for the trustees of the two charities, covering thirty years, with entries signed off for the commissioners

[The Trustees of the Almshouse Charity Estate and of the Fifteen Houses Charity Estate, both in Baldock, Hertfordshire]
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[Baldock, Hertfordshire.] Almshouse Charity Estate: entries between 10 October 1865 and 5 July 1895. Fifteen Houses Charity Estate: 10 November 1862 and 23 September 1894. Both books signed off on 29 June 1896.

The two volumes in matching green cloth quarter-bindings, with marbled covers (one set green and the other brown). Both affected by damp at the head, and in worn bindings, but in acceptable overall condition, with text entirely legible. Two interesting and informative documents of local and social history. ONE (Almshouses Charity): 64pp., tall 8vo. In manuscript on cover: 'ALMSHOUSES CHARITY ACCOUNTS'. Among the signatories are two Rectors of Baldock, W. J. Skilton and John D. Nairne, and T. Rigby Kewley, Thomas G. Simpson and Frederick Archdale.

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