[Guy Eden of the Daily Express.] Typed report, headed 'MOST SECRET', on the progress of the Second World War in Italy (including the signing of the secret Italian Armistice), Denmark and Russia (Stalin's ill treatment of 'Winston and Roosevelt').

Guy Eden [Gamaliel Eden] (c.1901-1971), political correspondence of the Daily Express, 1933-1952, and author of a work on Winston Churchill [Anthony Eden (1897-1977)]
Publication details: 
No place. 3 September 1943.

3pp., 4to. 113 lines of text, under the subheadings 'Italy', 'Denmark' and 'Russia'. In fair condition, aged and worn, on high-acidity paper browned with age, and slight loss to corners. Each page is headed 'MOST SECRET', with the heading on the first page underlined in red pencil, and the phrase repeated at the end. A well-informed report, vivid and detailed, and clearly not meant for publication (one paragraph begins 'As I said in my story in the Sunday Express last week,'). The document begins by confirming the secret Italian Armistice, signed on the same day): 'MOST SECRET.

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