[Lord Salisbury and the Scramble for Africa: The Partition of West Africa and Creation of Nigeria] Diplomatic Papers of Sir Martin Gosselin, including correspondence with Sir Percy Anderson and Sir George Goldie of the Royal NIger Company.

Lord Salisbury and the Scramble for Africa [diplomatic papers of Sir Martin Le Marchant Hadsley Gosselin (1847-1905); Sir Percy Anderson; Sir George Goldie; Royal Niger Company]
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Lord Salisbury's great strength lay in foreign affairs. During his third ministry, 1895-1902, he chose to serve as both Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary. The foreign policy he pursued was vigorous and decisive (he was being sarcastic when he used the phrase 'Splendid Isolation') and his main aim was for Britain to prevail in the Scramble for Africa. The present collection provides an intimate insider's view of the workings of Salisbury's Foreign Office at a crucial period of expansion in the history of the British Empire.

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