[William Archer, Hans Lien Brækstad and the Norwegian circle in London.] Correspondence addressed to Brækstad and his wife Gertrude Hughes Braekstad: from William Archer, Frances Archer, Einar Sundt, Johan Peter Bull, John Manson.

William Archer (1856-1924), theatre critic and translator of Henrik Ibsen; Hans Lien Brækstad (1845-1915); Gertrude Hughes Braekstad; Einar Sundt; Johan Peter Bull; John Manson; Norway; Norwegian
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[London, England; and Kristiania (Oslo), Norway.] Eleven letters, ten of them dating from between 1915 and 1925. Four of Archer's five letters from 27 Fitzroy Square, W. [London]

A notable item in the present collection is a letter written by William Archer to Braekstad's widow in 1923, in which he gives a fulsome assessment of his character, describing his 'old friend' as 'the unofficial and unpaid consul for Norway', 'unwearied in his service to his country as represented by Norwegians in London'. Hans Lien Brækstad (who has a brief entry in Who Was Who) features prominently in Lionel Carley's 'Edward Grieg in England' (2006), where he is described as 'a major Norwegian presence in London.

[Morton Luce, Shakespeare scholar.] 29 ALsS, 1 ANS and 1 ACS, to R. N. Green-Armytage of Bath, on literary and personal affairs, with reference to individuals including Edmund Gosse and Sir Israel Gollancz.

Morton Luce (1849-1943), Shakespearian scholar, author of 'A Handbook to the Works of William Shakespeare' and 'Shakespeare, the Man and His Work' [Robert North Green-Armytage (d.1966) of Bath]
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All from 6 Walliscote Road, South, Weston-super-Mare. Between 18 August 1921 and 29 October 1929.

The letters total 36pp., 12mo; 12pp., 8vo. The collection is in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Seventeen of the envelopes are present, all addressed to Green-Armytage at Bath (fourteen to 22 Bathwick Hill, two to 5 Queen's Parade, and one to 'Bath').

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