[ Warrington Charity Ball, 1827. ] Autograph transcription by 'W. M.' [identified as William Mather] of four letters (two from 'Mr. Pt.') relating to an argument over an anonymous letter sent to Miss Gaskell at Liverpool.

[ Warrington Charity Ball, 1827; William Mather; S. Gaskell; Liverpool ]
Publication details: 
[ Warrington, Cheshire. ] Dated between 21 January and 11 February 1827.

2pp., 4to. On both sides of an aged and worn leaf, tipped in onto a leaf removed from an album. Closely written. The four transcriptions are without heading or explanation. A curious item, with a certain melodramatic novelistic quality. A correspondence, apparently copied out by the 'W. M.' who signs at the foot of the last transcription and is identified in pencil as 'William Mather'. It begins with a short letter which presumably gave offence because of its anonymity. This is followed by two letters from 'Mr.

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