[ The Pope and the Crinoline: a satire on the Roman Catholic Church and Victorian women's fashion, printed anastatically. ] The Decline and Fall of [ the crinoline; ladies' hoops ] in The Roman Empire.

Cowell's Anastatic Press (S. H. Cowell, proprietor) [ the Roman Catholic Church; Victorian ladies' fashion; the crinoline; Suffolk printing ]
The Decline and Fall of [Hoops]
Publication details: 
Cowell's Anastatic Press, Ipswich. [1860]
The Decline and Fall of [Hoops]

An intriguing light satire on women's fashion and the Roman Catholic church, with charming illustrations. It consists of a stitched 4to booklet of 24 leaves, in red printed wraps, with 24 anastatically-printed pages on the rectos of the leaves, each page with illustration and engraved text beneath, numbered at the head in roman numerals, 1-XXIV. (Anastatic printing was a short-lived transfer lithography method for making facsimiles, a forerunner of photocopying.) In fair condition, aged and spotted, somewhat loose in creased worn wraps with spine worn away.

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