[ Sir Gore Ouseley, orientalist. ] Autograph Note Signed ('Gore Ouseley') to 'Clarke'.

Sir Gore Ouseley (1770-1844), diplomat and orientalist, British Ambassador to Persia
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41 Upper Brook Street. 21 June 1843.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, aged and worn, with cropped margins which have trimmed a tiny part of the bottom of the loop in the word 'Ouseley' in the signature. He asks for the pleasure of Clarke's company 'at Dinner on Friday the 7th of July at seven O Clock to meet our new President of the R. A. Society'.

[Printed] Middle East Air Traffic Services (Communications) Informal Meeting. Summary of Discussions and Conclusions. With separately published plans of Iranian airports, and related material.

[International Civil Aviation Organisation; Middle East Air Traffic 1960]
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[Tehran, June 1960]

From the papers of R.F. Helm, Advisor to the Delegation. [Printed Report] 52pp. fol., prob. cyclostyled or similar, printed paper wraps chipped, spine damaged but contents good. According to the Introduction, originally issued with a separate green folder, NOT present, containing Appendices A1-I (Diagrams, tables, specimen agreement etc). WITH (all with evidence of having been stapled (rust marks and holes) together at some time): a.

[ Iran; Persia; Jimmy Shields, Scottish communist, twice editor of the Daily Worker. ] Typed draft of third section ('Section III How to Improve The Tudeh Party') of paper on the situation in Persia (Iran) titled '"What is to be done?"'

Jimmy Shields (1900-1949), Scottish communist, senior member of the Communist Party of Great Britain, twice editor of the Daily Worker [ Tudeh Party, Persia; Iran ]
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[ International Department of the Communist Party of Great Britain, London. ] With autograph note: '1st Draft, Oct., 1945. | 2nd [Draft], Nov., 1945.'

[1] + 9pp., 4to. In fair condition, on aged and creased cartridge paper, with the ten leaves pinned together. Minor autograph emendations throughout. Paginated in manuscript 11-18, including 13A; and also including the first page of the whole paper, headed '"What is to be done?"'. The nine-page third section is titled 'Section III How to Improve The Tudeh Party', and carries the following autograph note at the head of the first page: 'N.B. SECS 1 & 2 ALREADY THERE'.

[Offprint] Tehran Water Supply: Raw-Water Collection and Distribution System

Gholam Ali Meykadeh, Robert Louis Fitt, Thomas James Boddington
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The Institution of Civil Engineers, London, 1958.

Excerpt Proc. Instn Civ. Ehgrs, vol.II, pp.467-486, December 1958. Original green printed wraps, sewn as issued, very good condition.

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