[ P. C. Joshi, Ben Bradley and Mohan Kumaranangalam, communists. ] Duplicated Typescript of the article by P. C. Joshi titled 'In Our Country - Among the People'.

P. C. Joshi [ Puran Chand Joshi ] (1907-1980), General Secretary, Communist Party of India; Ben Bradley [ Benjamin Francis Bradley ] (1898-1957); Mohan Kumaranangalam [ Jimmy Shields (1900-1949) ]
Publication details: 
Duplicated typescript headed: 'From Airgraph to Ben Bradley from Mohan Kumaranangalam. 18th January. [ no year ]'. The article said to be from 'People's War [ magazine of the Communist Party of India ], Vol. iii, No. 30, Sunday, 21st. Jan. 194[5]'.

12pp., folio. On twelve leaves of air mail paper. In fair condition, aged and worn. The piece begins with a discussion of 'Two big events' that have occurred during the previous year, 'when it appeared as if the period of deadlock was about to end and a new era to begin. | The first was Gandhiji's release [...] Soon after came the second big event; the Gandhi-Jinnah meeting'.

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