[The Tichborne Case.] Printed spoof 'Proclamation' relating to 'Dr Kenealy, M.P., A.S.S., &c.', titled 'The Kenealy Dynasty and Magna Charta Parliament', giving details of 'The Kenealy Ministry', which includes the Tichborne Claimant Arthur Orton.

[The Tichborne Case] Edward Kenealy [Edward Vaughan Hyde Kenealy] (1819-1880), Irish barrister and MP, counsel for the Tichborne Claimant Arthur Orton (1834-1898) [Magna Charta Association, London]
Publication details: 
Entered at Stationers' Hall. Price One Penny. London: C. Elliot, 8, Italian Walk, Vauxhall, S. | T. Roberts, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street. Undated [probably 1875, but certainly between 1875 and 1880]

The facts of the Tichborne Case, one of the most notorious scandals of Victorian England, are well known. As counsel for the claimant Arthur Orton ('Roger Tichborne'), Kenealy's behaviour was so extreme that in 1874 he was disbenched and disbarred. He started a newspaper, The Englishman, and formed the Magna Charta Association which toured nationwide tour to plead his cause and attack the judges. At a by-election in 1875, he was elected to Parliament for Stoke-upon-Trent, losing the seat in the 1880 General Election.

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