[ Coulson Kernahan, English novelist, journalist and poet. ] Eleven Letters (nine in Autograph and two Typed) signed 'Coulson Kernahan', to the author C. S. Johns, mainly on literary connections, including Stephen Phillips and Philip Bourke Marston.

Coulson Kernahan [ John Coulson Kernahan ] (1858-1943), English novelist, journalist and poet [ Cecil Starr Johns; Philip Bourke Marston; Stephen Phillips ]
Publication details: 
Nine on letterhead of Frognal, Fairlight, Hastings. One on lettehead of Fawndene, West Hill, Hastings. 1927 (6), 1928 (2) and 1930 (1). Two undated.

For information on Kernahan, see his entry in the Oxford DNB. The eleven items are in fair condition, lightly aged and worn, and total seventeen pages in autograph and two pages typed. Most of the letters have the year added in pencil in another hand, of the other two letters without a year, one (from Fawndene) is dated 2 January [1927]; and the other (from Frognal) has no date at all [January 1928?]. Kernahan's handwriting is difficult to decipher, and the readings from the autograph letters are tentative.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Coulson Kernahan') from the English novelist John Coulson Kernahan, responding in a jocular fashion to a request for an autograph.

John Coulson Kernahan (1858-1943), English novelist
Publication details: 
On letterhead of "Thrums", Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex.10 November 1900.

1p., 16mo. 13 lines. In fair condition, lightly-faded on grey paper. 'You are quite welcome to my autograph - as long as you don't ask for it at the front of a cheque.' He apologises for not replying to the 'first letter': 'Let me make amends by sending this by return of post.' Signed 'Autographically Yours, | [signed] Coulson Kernahan'

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