[Major-General George John Younghusband.] Duplicated manuscript field report by Younghusband titled 'Notes on the day's Operations, by Lieut. Colonel G. J. Younghusband CB, Comdg Malakand Moveable Column.', regarding an 'attack on the Khungai Pass'.

Major-General Sir George Younghusband (1859-1944), Keeper of the Jewel House, Tower of London, brother of Sir Francis Younghusband [Malakand Moveable Column, India; Brigadier Hector Campbell]
Publication details: 
'Chakdara [now in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan] Monday 19th October 1904.'

1p., foolscap 8vo. On aged paper, with slight loss to text at bottom edge. Unobtrusively repaired on reverse with archival tape. A duplicated manuscript document in Younghusband's hand, divided into six sections. Begins: 'I. The advance-Guard was very well handled by Major R. G. Egerton & the heights on both sides carefully & skilfully picketed.' The second section concerns 'The main attack on the Khungai Pass', which was 'well planned and well executed by the 25th.

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