[ Caroline Herschel, Hanoverian astronomer in England, sister of Sir William Herschel. ] Autograph Message to 'Miss Kerr', to which she adds her name and address.

Caroline Herschel [ Caroline Lucretia Herschel ] (1750-1848), Hanoverian astronomer in England, sister of the astronomer-royal Sir William Herschel (1738-1822)
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'Miss Caroline Herschel | 376 Braunschweiger Strasse | Hannover.' [ 1836. ]

Neatly written out, with the long s, and presented on an 8 x 14.5 cm piece of gilt-edged paper. The text reads: 'Miss Kerr desires me to write something for her Stam-Book (so I believe it is called) I would rather compley [sic] with any other commands She would be pleased to honour me with, than to write something when I have nothing to say. [here the card divides into two columns] | [left-hand column] But if on seeing my address [sic] Miss Kerr will think on me some times, I shall yet believe to have been writing to some purpose.

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