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[Spencer Perceval; Edward Irving and the Catholic Apostolic Church.] Autograph Copy of Letter from Spencer Perceval junior to Robert Baxter, denouncing his attack on his 'friend' in his book 'Irvingism, in its Rise, Progress and Present State'.

Spencer Perceval (1795-1859), Member of Parliament, son of Prime Minister of same name [Robert Baxter of Doncaster; Edward Irving, Scottish preacher, founder of Catholic Apostolic Church (Irvingism)]
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The author of this letter was the son of the British Prime Minister of the same name. After his father's assassination he became 'in Lord Teignmouth’s words “the spoiled child of the nation”: the benchers of Lincoln’s Inn provided him with a free legal training; Parliament granted him an annuity of £1,000; his appointment to a tellership of the Exchequer in February 1813 supplied further financial security' (History of Parliament).

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