[Mary Lane of Newport, New Hampshire.] Autograph Letter Signed to her brother Dr Robert Lane of Mobile Point, Alabama Territory.

Mary Lane, teacher of Newport, New Hampshire; her brother Dr Robert Lane, Mobile Point, Alabama Territory
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New Port [Newport, New Hampshire]. 1 November 1819.

2pp., 4to. In bifolium, the recto of the first leaf of which is addressed by Mary Lane to 'Doctor Robert Lane, Mobile Point, Alabama Territory'. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Mary Lane is semi-literate, but her letter is infused with anguish. 'Dear Brother | I have written to you Since I received your letter, but perhaps mine has never reach'd you almost every one of the family has wrote to you before this period no doubt you heard of the deaths of our father and Brother.

Autograph Letter Signed from the Alabama writer Octavia Walton LeVert [Le Vert], 'the Pride of Mobile', to an unnamed 'valued friend', describing the Carrollton Hotel, Baltimore, and a 'disagreeable' journey featuring an exploding locomotive engine.

Octavia Walton LeVert [Octavia Celeste Valentine Walton Le Vert] (1811-1877), American writer associated with Alabama, known as the 'Pride of Mobile', [Colonel Robert B. Coleman (c.1804-1881)]
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Augusta, Georgia; 30 May 1872.

4pp., 12mo. On bifolium of lined paper. Good, on lightl-aged paper. Addressed to 'Dearly valued friend', the letter begins 'Faithful to my promise, I write to tell you of our safe arrival in Augusta, after one of the most disagreeable journeys I ever made in all my wanderings, either in Europe, or America'.

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