'The Last King in India': Wajid Ali Shah, tenth and last Nawab of Awadh [Oudh; Oude].] Manuscript Note, in English (by a secretary?), in which the King requests 'Captain Towgood's Company at Breakfast at the Shahmunzil Palace'.

King of Oude [Wajid Ali Shah, tenth and last Nawab of Awadh; Oudh] (1822-1887) [Sir William Sleeman; East India Company; Captain Joseph Towgood, Bengal Light Infantry]
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Lucknow Residency. 15 February 1851.

See his biography by Rosie Llewellyn-Jones, 'The Last King in India' (2014). 1p, 16mo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with several horizontal fold lines, two of which have short closed tears. Reads: 'His Majesty the King of Oude requests the pleasure of Captain Towgood's Company at Breakfast at the Shahmunzil Palace at 9 A. M and Dinner at the Baraduree of the Furruh Buksh Palace at ½ past 7 P. M. on Monday next the 17th. Inst.' Postscript: 'The favor of an answer is requested.'

Autograph Letter Signed to unnamed male correspondent.

HH Al-Haj Nawab Mirza Sir Amiruddin Ahmed Khan (1859-1937), Nawab of Loharu
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16 January 1903; 'P. C. Camp.'

Two pages,8vo. Good, on foxed paper discoloured with age. Gives details of his departure from Delhi from the main station on the following evening. 'I ask your favour to arrange for 9 guns salute to be fired at the time of departure.' Thanks him for 'all the trouble you had to look after my comfort, and attending to the ceremonial occasions.'

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