[ Indian General Election, 1930. ] Two satirical 'Election Bulletins' in Telugu, with English phrases interspersed, numbered 1 and 2, printed by the Sri Rama Press, Vizagapatam, with references to 'Buchi Gandhi', 'Non-cooperation' and 'Swaraj'.

[ The Indian General Election, 1930; Mahatma Gandhi; Swaraj; non-cooperation ]
Publication details: 
Both items by the Sri Rama Press, Vizagapatam [Visakhapatnam, India]. The first dated from 'Vizagapatam' on 17 August 1930, and the second from the same place on 21 August 1930.

Two items, both 1p., folio, on pieces of cheap paper stock. Frail survivals: both in fair condition, on browned, worn and creased high-acidity paper. Both with punch-holes to one margin. The first with numbering to one margin, and the second initialled and dated in manuscript 22 August 1930 (in addition to the printed date of the day before). Both in smallish type, with the word 'Citizens' in the bottom right-hand corner and '(To be continued)' centred at foot.

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