[Émile Lépissier, French astronomer in the Far East.] Part of Autograph Letter, in French, asking for items to be sent to him at a new address, following a massacre in Peking [Beijing].

Émile Lépissier [Émile-Jean Lépissier] (1826-1874), French astronomer at the Observatory in Paris, in Peking [Beijing], China, and Jeddo, Japan
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No place or date.

On one side of 11.5 x 13 cm piece of paper, cut from letter. In good condition, lightly aged. Endorsed at foot of page in the small contemporary hand of 'G. R.': 'Astronome Lépissier de l'observatoire de Pékin.' Reads: 'Si vous le jugez plus commode, Vous pouviez remettre les objets que je vous demande à Madame Coeuille, lingère au marché Paquincourt, demeurant Petite rue Papincourt, No.

[Sir Edward Hobart Seymour, Admiral of the Fleet.] Autograph Signature ('E. H. Seymour. Admiral.') cut from letter to Sir Arthur Davidson.

Sir Edward Hobart Seymour (1840-1929), Admiral of the Fleet, Royal Navy officer who led mission to relieve Peking Legations during Boxer Rebellion [Colonel Sir Arthur Davidson (1856-1922), equerry]
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Without place or date.

On 4 x 10 cm slip of paper, with corners cut off to make a rectangular octagon. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased. Reads: 'Your's [sic] truly | E. H. Seymour. Admiral.' The other side of the slip has parts of the leaf's black mourning border, and the name of the recipient, who was the Queen's equerry: '[?] Her Majesty in 1891. | Lt. Col. A Davidson | C. V. O.'

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