[Alfred Sutro, dramatist.] Two Autograph Cards Signed to the actor Seymour Hicks, praising him and his books, wishing him success in a production, and writing affectionately about the Garrick Club.

Alfred Sutro (1863-1933), English playwright [Sir Edward Seymour Hicks (1871-1949), actor; the Garrick Club, London]
Publication details: 
One, on letterhead of Redlands, Witley, Surrey, dated 29 October 1919. The other, with letterhead of 31 Chester Terrace, Regents Park [London], undated.

The two items are both on both sides of 8.5 x 11cm grey cards (the first gilt-edged). In good condition, lightly aged, with traces of mount adhering to one edge of each. ONE: From Redlands (of Rolling Stones fame). He begins: 'My dear Seymour | I enormously enjoyed your book [presumably 'If I were your Father' (1919): I've read it thrice! It's great fun, with an immense amount of real good sense: & it sparkles, Seymour, almost as much as you do when you stand on the <?> at the Garrick & let go at us!' He thanks him for sending the book, and hopes to see him at 'the Club' the following week.

[The Royal Visit to Reading, 1870.] Printed handbill poem headed 'New Version to an Old Nursery Rhyme', and beginning 'Sing a song of Thousand Guineas', an attack on the mayor Peter Spokes, on the foundation of the new Grammar School.

[Royal Visit to Reading, 1870; Queen Victoria; Sir Peter Spokes (1830-1910) of Redlands, Mayor of Reading]
Publication details: 
Without place or date [Reading, Berkshire; 1870].

1p., 12mo. On trimmed wove paper. Aged and worn, with traces of mount on reverse. 24 lines, arranged in six four-line stanzas, beneath the title 'New Version to an Old Nursery Rhyme.' The poem - based on 'Sing a song of sixpence' - begins: 'Sing a song of Thousand Guineas, | Pockets full of brass; | Rate-payer's money's nought to me, | I'll squander it like an ass. | Sing a song of Royal Visit, | Ain't I a man of sense | To shake hands and sit with Royalty, | At Rate-payers expence.

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