[ Printed item. ] Freedom of the Press and the Challenge of the Official Secrets Acts.

National Union of Journalists; National Council for Civil Liberties; Major G. Lloyd George; Dingle Foot; Compton Mackenzie; L. C. White; A. P. Herbert; Kingsley Martin; C. J. Bundock; R. Willis
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Speeches made at the Conference [...] convened by the National Union of Journalists and the National Council for Civil Liberties and held at the Beaver Hall, in the City of London, on November 5th, 1938. [ Watford Printers Limited, Watford. ]

32pp., 8vo. Stapled in grey printed card wraps. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, in like wraps, with rusted staples. Lloyd George, Foot and Herbert are all described on the title-page as MPs, White is named as 'Assistant General Secretary, Civil Service Clerical Association', Martin as 'Editor, "New Statesman and Nation"', Bundock as 'General Secretary, National Union of Journalists' and Willis as 'Secretary, London Trades Council'. A collection of impassioned and perceptive contributions.

[Printed pamphlet.] official secret? that Isis article ['Frontier incidents. exposure | This article which first appeared in the Oxford Isis, 26.2.58. is reprinted by Universities and Left-Review Club in response to public interest.']

[Paul Richard Thompson, Corpus Christi; William Miller, Lincoln College, Oxford; Universities & Left Review, ed. Stuart Hall, Gabriel Pearson, Ralph Samuel, Charles Taylor; Official Secrets Act]
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''Printed and published by ULR Club, 41 Croftdown Rd., London, N.W.5 | Price 3d.' 1958.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. On aged paper, with chipping, slight loss to margin, and closed tears. The only words on the covers are 'official secret?' in large bold type up the leading edge of the front cover from the bottom right-hand corner, and 'that Isis article' down the leading edge from the top left-hand corner of the back cover. The article is reprinted across the two inner pages, with the slug and price at the foot of the second page.

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