[ Percy Nash, pioneer film director. ] The signatures of twenty-seven members of the cast of his play 'The Suffrage Girl', all of them also members of staff of Selfridge & Co's London department store, on vellum presentation document.

[ Percy Nash [ Percy Cromwell Nash ] (1869-1958), actor, dramatist and film director; Selfridge & Co., London department store ]
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Without place or date. [ London, circa 1911. ]

An interesting artefact of both London theatre history and women's studies. On one side of a 35 x 25 cm rectangle of vellum. Dusty, and creased at head, with slight damp staining, and with a central horizontal fold. The 27 signatures are arranged in three columns, beneath the following inscription: 'The accompanying Fountain Pen is presented to Mr.

[ Percy Nash, actor and dramatist. ] Typewritten early draft of the musical comedy 'The Suffrage Girl', under the title 'A Woman's Vote', with extensive manuscript emendations and additions, drawings of two sets, and a page of the musical score.

[ Percy Nash [ Percy Cromwell Nash ] (1869-1958), actor, dramatist and film director] [ Votes for Women; Suffragettes; Women's suffrage; Harry Gordon Selfridge; Selfridge's department store, London ]
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[ London, circa 1911. ]

The present item is anonymous, but is certainly an early draft of 'The Suffrage Girl', the play written by film pioneer Percy Nash while an executive at Selfridge's department store in London, and performed by the store's employees in 1911 at the Court Theatre. (For more information see E. D. Rappaport's 'Shopping for Pleasure: Women in the Making of London's West End' (Princeton, 2001), as well as S.

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