[Mary Proctor, astronomer.] 25 items from her papers, including four early photographic portraits, two Autograph Letters Signed from the astrophysicist Alfred Fowler, a book contract, receipts, a bill of sale.

Mary Proctor (1862-1957), Anglo-American astronomer after whom a crater on the moon is named, daughter of the British astronomer Richard Anthony Proctor (1837-1888) [Alfred Fowler, astrophysicist]
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Several from St Joseph, Missouri; others from New York, Washington, and London, England. Between 1889 and 1931.

25 items. in good condition, lightly aged and worn. A small but evocative collection, ranging from a bill of sale of the family's effects in the year following the death of Mary Proctor's father in 1888, to a letter from her cousin in 1931, reprimanding her for spending too much money on unnecessary tickets. Mary Proctor was born in Dublin to British parents; the early part of her life was spent in the United States, and following the First World War she settled in England.

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