[ A. E. Watson & Co. of London, civil engineers (steel). ] Typewritten account by Tamkin, titled 'The Way We Came', describing the progress of the firm over three decades, with much work for London Underground, and on the Home Front in World War Two.

A. E. Watson & Co. of London, consulting, civil and constructional engineers specialising in steel (C. Tamkin, director) [ London Transport; the Home Front, World War Two ]
Publication details: 
The time of writing dated in the text to September 1957.

157pp., 4to. Carbon typescript, with a few manuscript corrections. Each page paginated in type, and on a separate leaf. The leaves punch-holed and attached in a buff folder. Aged and worn, with the first few leaves a little ragged, but intact and legible. The author is not named, but is referred to in the text as 'Tam', and is therefore clearly the 'C. Tamkin' who is named in 1946 as one of the directors of A. E. Watson & Co, 21 Tothill Street, London, 'Consulting, civil and constructional engineers, etc.'. Title at head of first page: 'THE WAY WE CAME'.

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