A collection of 96 items relating to Chairman Mao's People's Republic of China, dating from just before the Cultural Revolution, including 60 issues of 'Peking Review'. From the papers of South African-born British political activist Basil Stein.

['Peking Review', Pai Wan Chuang, Peking, China; Guozi Shudian, China Publications Centre; Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding, London; Basil Stein (1928-2012), South African political activist]
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'Peking Review', Pai Wan Chuang, Peking (37), China; Guozi Shudian, China Publications Centre, Peking; Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding, 24 Warren Street, London, W1. Dating from 1963 to 1965.

The collection is in very good condition, lightly-aged, and with only a handful of items with light damp staining. 60 issues of Peking Review ('A weekly magazine of Chinese news and views') between 4 January 1963 and 17 December 1965, comprising 17 issues from 1963, between no. 1 (4 January) and no. 25 (21 June); one issue from 1964 (no. 49, 4 December); 42 issues from 1965, between no. 6 (5 February) and no. 51 (17 December). Accompanying the issues are two of the air mail envelopes in which the magazine was sent to Basil Stein in London from China by distributors Guozi Shudian.

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