[T. F. Powys, novelist.] Autograph statement on 'this matter of writing stories', with Autograph Note Signed ('Theodore Francis Powys') to 'Colin' [Fleet Street editor Collin Brooks].

T. F. Powys [Theodore Francis Powys] (1875-1953), novelist and short-story writer, brother of John Cowper Powys and Llewellyn Powys [Collin Brooks (1893-1959), journalist and Fleet Street editor]
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Both items from East Cheldon, Dorchester. Note on 26 July 1928; Statement on 11 November 1935.

Two items, in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: Autograph statement on 'this matter of writing stories'. 1p., 4to. With a couple of minor emendations. Signed at foot: 'Theodore Francis Powys | East Chaldon | Dorchester | Nov 11. 1935'. At bottom left: 'If unsuitable do not trouble to return'. Pencil tick through body of text. Begins: 'In this matter of writing stories, one cannot please everybody, and, certainly one never pleases oneself. When I look back, I wonder that I ever wrote at all. I suppose it was fright. Fright, that when God says to me, “show me your work”.

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