[ Volkswagen GmbH. ] Large collection of material assembled by English employee B. D. Ryder, including 12 volumes relating to his nine-month survey of VW's German operations, with reports by Ryder and a mass of company ephemera, photographs, etc.

Volkswagen GmbH, Wolfsburg, Germany [ Bruce Dudley Ryder (born 1942); German Economic Miracle ]
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18 volumes, 1961 to 1964. Volkswagen GmbH (Volkswagenwerk Aktengesellschaft), Wolfsburg, Hanover, Kassel, Stuttgart and Hamburg. Germany; and VW Motors Limited, London, England.

The author Bruce Dudley Ryder was a second-cousin of the present Queen of England – his father Peter Hugh Dudley Ryder (1913-1993; see Who Was Who) having married the Queen's cousin Sarah Susannah Bowes-Lyon – and a great-grandson of the Earl of Harrowby. Ryder had family experience in the fields of business and transport, his father having been for many years head of the transport conglomerate Thomas Tilling Ltd.

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